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Our Process

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 Friendly and Knowledgeable Service

From elegant staircases to durable kitchen and bathroom counter tops - from fireplace accents to unique dining room and office tables and even bbq insets- the first step in designing your perfect Granite or Natural Quartz piece is:


1. Material selection:  

Before any other decisions can be made, the type of material that is best suited to your project should be selected. Selection can either be made by looking at our Collections Page or by stopping by our showroom for an even greater selection of samples. 

**We recommend that you bring any paint, flooring, cabinet or fabric swatches that you have available to assist you in choosing the perfect piece. 



2. Estimate: 

To Request an Estimate CLICK HERE  or by stopping by our showroom with a drawing/sketch complete with dimensions, type of sink (eg. Undermount), type of edge, backsplash (if required) and type of faucet to be used. 

**Note: This will only be a preliminary estimate. A final estimate will be issued once measuring/template has taken place and any other special considerations been resolved.


3. Approval: 

Once final approval of materials, layout and a deposit for 50% of the estimated price has been received we will schedule for Measurement/Template to take place. (Step 4). 



4. Measurement/Templates: 

A template is an exact full size pattern of your kitchen or vanity, clearly showing seams, cutouts, edges, backslash and faucet holes. This is done by a qualified professional who will come to your home at your convince using E-Templating system.

Learn more about this system HERE.

Watch Video HERE! 



5. Fabrication: 

Fabrication on your granite or Natural Quartz will begin once material selected has arrived and measuring has been completed.  


6. Installation: 

Our scheduler will contact you to set up a coveint date for your installation. This should not take more than a couple of hours depending on the design. With any project there will be some debris, but this is minimal, due to the fact that we do all cutting and polishing in our shop not in your home. If there are any existing counter tops or appliances such as a dishwasher, stove top ect. we will remove and reconnected but will require an extra fee. Contact Us for more information. 

-On day of installation please create a clear path through the home for easy access to the installation area.
-Remove all items from cabinets.
-Remove all "breakables" from area, such as lamps, vase, mirror, wall hangings, antiques ect. 




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