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Frequently Asked Questions

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 Answers to Your Questions About Granite & Natural Quartz

imageMany people are unsure about updating their home or office with granite or Natural Quartz. Granite and Natural quartz are of  natural stone that can last a lifetime.

In this section we have tried to answer some of the most commonly asked questions in a short, but detailed manner. If you do not find the answer to your question please contact us. We would love the opportunity to help you.

Select a question below:


  1. Granite and marble; how are they different?
  2. How do I clean my granite top?
  3. How do I remove a stain from my granite counter top? 
  4. Can I cut on my granite counter  top?
  5. Can I set a hot pot on my granite counter top?
  6. How do you deal with sink and stove cutouts?
  7. How can I make sure my countertop will suit the rest of my decor? 

Natural Quartz:

  1. Granite and Natural Quartz; how are they different?
  2. What maintenance does Natural Quartz require?
  3. Can I set a hot pot as well as cut on my Quartz countertop?
  4. What is the price difference between Granite and Natural Quartz? 


  1. What is it and is it harmful my family's health? 

Granite and marble; how are they different?

Marble is a metamorphic rock. It was once limestone, but over time, the combination of intense heat and pressure caused the limestone to re-crystallize. Foreign substances entering the stone during this process, creates an infinite variety of colors, asters, and veining.

Granite is an igneous rock, which means that at one time during its development, it was melted like volcanic lava. Unlike lava, however, this melted (or molten) rock never reached the surface. It remained trapped below the earths surface, where it slowly cooled and crystallized, resulting in, speckled stone that varies with veining and ranges in many different colours. 


How do I clean my granite top? 

Polished granite is a very durable stone; much harder than marble. Granite has been used in the past in the commercial industry. Some of the obvious applications have been panels on the outside of buildings, walls, and floors of "high-traffic" areas. Granite will withstand almost any element it comes up against including heat and cold. Granite itself is approximately 95-98% stain resistant but when polishing, a silicone impregnator is used on all our natural stone products to ensure a non-porous stain resistant top. This will insure lasting life and beauty.

Please visit our Maintenance page for a listing of products we carry to help care for your new granite top.image

What do I remove a stain from my granite counter top?

Since granite is pourous there is the possiblility that some substances can leave a satin; such as wine. If this occours you can create a paste with 1 cup molding plaster and 1/4cup bleach. Apply this to the stained area for 30 minutes and wipe off with a warm water and a soft cloth.

Click here  for a demostration video!


Can I cut on my granite counter top? 

The only thing that will cut into or scratch granite is diamond or another piece of granite. You can be rest assured that common kitchen knives and utensils are no match for the absolute hardness of a granite top. So don't worry about slicing on the counter top; the only thing that can happen is you'll dull your knives.


Can I set a hot pot on my granite counter top? 

Granite is formed by extreme heat and pressure combined beneath the earths crust. It cannot be affected by heat from a cook top or frying pan.  A lit flame placed under the granite will have no melting effect and will not leave any burned or scarred marks.


How do you create sink and stove cutouts? 

With our CNC waterjet technology we have the ability to cut any sink or surface unit cutout with computer aided design files. Undermount sinks (sinks that are mounted under that counter top so as not to show any rim) are fully cut out, then the inside of the hole is polished. Although we use machines for the initial polishing - The final polishing is all done by hand for a flawless finish.


How can I make sure my countertop will suit the rest of my decor? 

When choosing your countertops remember:

1st    Cabinetry
2nd   Countertops
3rd.   Flooring/ Tiles

Because there are limited styles and colours available for cabinetry we recommend when choosing a countertop, to decide upon your cabinet colour and style first, this makes it easier to move on to choosing your countertops.  Granite and natural quartz can vary in colour which can slightly alter the look that is desired, so matching your countertops to your cabinets will make it easier for everything to come together. Lastly, choosing from the many varieties of colours and styles in flooring to match your cabinets and counter tops makes it a breeze to bring your decor together.


Granite and Natural Quartz; how are they different?

The main difference between Cambria and Granite, is that Cambria is an engineered product consisiting of 96% quartzite and 4% polymers.  Due to the engineering of Cambria the colouring is much more accurate and consistant from one countertop to the other.  Granite is mined straight from the earth and has varied beauty differing from one slab to the next.


What maintenance does Natural Quartz require?

Cambria requires no sealers or special cleaning, mild soap is all you need.

Please visit our Maintenance page for a listing of products we carry to help care for your new countertop.


imageCan I set a hot pot as well as cut on my Quartz countertop?

Cutting on your Natural Quartz counter top will never scratch the surface, in fact it'll dull your knife long before any damage will occur to your countertop.  Setting hot pots on Cambria is not recommended due to the polymers within the material, it runs the risk of damaging the surface.


What is the price difference between Granite and Natural Quartz?

Cambria and Granite are fairly comparable in price.  Granite will average at about $85-$90 per sq ft.  installed, with cutouts and edging, whereas Cambria's general price is about $100 per sq ft. installed with all cutouts and edging included.


Additional Information:

If you have any further questions, please contact us. We'd be pleased to assist you!


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